Question about short ribs

I bought some Costco(Canada) boneless short ribs. I note from discussion elsewhere that they are not what most people consider short ribs, as there is no sign they were near a bone and are much more tender. The label also notes that they are mechanically tenderzied. Does anyone have experience sous vide-ing them or cuts like them. I am worried about cooking them too long and wonder whether 6-8 hours would be plenty. Any input would be welcome…

According to Costco their boneless “short ribs” are in fact not short ribs at all, but are taken from some part of the chuck primal:

I’ve not had any experience with them myself, but have read accounts by many others who say that they’re a pretty tender cut to begin with, unlike actual short ribs, so your concern about over-cooking is likely well founded. I’d probably cut one of the “ribs” in half and vac pack it by itself, then pack the rest as you normally would. Then put them in a bath at about 135°F or so for 6-8 hours. After that much time I’d pull the individual half “rib” out, assess it’s condition and proceed accordingly.

Of course that sort of experimentation is not conducive to meeting a regular meal schedule so you might have to just gamble and pull them all at the same time.

Thanks. That is what I was thinking of doing. Food as science experiment.


I’ve done the Costco shortribs several times. Best results have been around ~160 for 24 hours then a quick torch sear. Also done w 30min stovetop smoker to finish. I loved it that way my wife liked it better the first way. It’s become one of my favorite things to cook in there.

I also did them at 135 for 24 hours and they were pretty tough and meaty. Although they had good flavor. I resealed and threw rest of them in for another 24 at 167 and came out great.