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I moved some of the more recent APO posts to this category.

For now I think this will be a good place for all posts related to the APO

I would like to keep this category and even that for many of us the steam oven is brand new, I would like to have a section for questions and tips on using the oven for particular purposes/recipes. I note in other categories there are a lot of complaints about the oven and it seems to me that many of these arise because people don’t understand the fundamental techniques. If people could post issues or questions they have for the comunity to help with and perhaps Anova support weighing in to explain how the oven is best used - I think it would be a valuable resource.

Thank you Anova for finally getting a separate “oven” category set up here. I’ve been in favour of that for months and glad to see it happen. I agree with Steve2 that sorting things into a few topic areas would also be helpful, especially with some of the basics that a few of us have figured out - often with the help of others here. But at least there is less chance now of lengthy threads where users seem to be discussing something at cross purposes due to one of them addressing their issues with the Anova water circulator and another assuming they are talking about the oven. However entertaining that may, be it’s not necessarily useful when someone really needs help! And since there are posters on this forum who are extremely knowledgeable, and generous about sharing their experience (you know who you are!), it makes good sense to have a separate section so oven users can find that help more easily. I think we will seem some logical sub categories in the oven section emerge over time. I hope so!