About The Community Categories

Whew - it’s done! Things are a little bit more organized around here. :slight_smile:

I hope it helps with navigating through the site and its contents. Here’s a little bit about our refreshed categories:

  1. First Cook Essentials
    If you’re a new Anova user - this category will have a lot of useful information. Respectfully, if you’ve got some tips for our new users, here’s where you should put that in. Let’s share our sous vide knowledge! Some examples include: setting up your 1st cook, sharing your 1st cook experience, and how to use your cooker.

  2. Food + Cooking
    If has anything to do with food and cooking, throw it in here. Some example include: questions about time + temps, recipes, cooking hacks, food results, and food photos.

  3. Support Questions + Help
    Need help? Have a general question? Check out this category. Some examples include: tracking packages, coupons, product specs, FAQs, product functions + features, and feedback.

  4. General
    If your topic/post doesn’t quite fit in the other categories, it’ll go here. Just double check - your topic might actually have a place elsewhere. Some examples include: where to shop for containers, where to shop for anything, sous vide accessories, events, and general community questions/topics.

  5. Announcements
    Announcements are a place where you can find anything new that’s going on with Anova and the community. Some examples include: product announcements, new features, product changes, and company updates.

If you have any Qs about this - just throw it on to the thread. Thanks!


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