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Hey Food Nerds,

Love food shots in your feed? We’re serving up some sous vide goodness on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and you won’t want to miss it. The best part? These images are coming from users like yourselves who are crushing it with their Precision Cookers. We love seeing our community nerd out over sous vide together -- whether it's over cooking times and temps, finishing techniques, or favorite seasonings -- we're right there with ya.

Each day we'll be re-sharing photos posted by our customers (this could be you!) on our social media sites using #anovafoodnerd, and your dinner could be our next star! All ya gotta do is share pics of your next sous vide dish using #anovafoodnerd so we can find it, and our social media ninjas will do the rest.

Check out the latest #anovafoodnerd customer photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and get featured by sharing your own Anova food photos using #anovafoodnerd. Here's what we're looking for:

    • ** Instagram, Facebook, and / or Twitter posts that include an image or video of your sous vide results
    • ** For proteins, slice up the meat and share shots of the guts / goods / interior
    • ** Videos behind the scenes for the making of your masterpiece
    • ** Bonus points for posting to Instagram
    • ** Cook time and temp settings in the description of your post
    • ** Use of the hashtag so we can find your post: #anovafoodnerd
    • ** Ideally, we'll be able grab your name and where you’re from in your bio, but if not, we’ll DM you
    • ** Extra deets about your dish:
    • ** How you prepped or finished the dish
    • ** What you thought of the results / what you'd do differently
    • ** Sous vide tips or hacks that might help your fellow food nerds with their own culinary adventures

    Let's see what ya got, nerds.

    With #anovafoodnerd love,

    Here's a few examples of some of our food nerd faves -- you can find full details for these and more on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.