Accidental Discovery

I was tasked with cooking carrots sous vide for the family gathering tonight at my daughters house. I am using a plastic tub as a vessel and a dinner plate to hold it under water.. I saw a question somewhere on how to keep food warm and several people suggested heating the plates like in a restaurant.

What I discovered is that my plate used as a weight is nice and hot and would be perfect for keeping a plate of food warm. Why not just put as many plates as you need in the tub while cooking, remove and quickly dry and plate your food and serve

Genius! I'm definitely using this one, thanks !

Good idea, especially for a large group. I suspect there could be a sizeable temperature swing when the plates are added to water, just like adding additional food during the cooking process. It might be best to have the stack of dishes in the water before any food is added so that the temperature is actually at the level required.

I'm now wondering if you could add a dishwasher tablet to the water bath and use dirty plates from last night's dinner :p

@Simon_C You're a water-saving genius ;)

In fact, go the whole way and use it for those delicate items of clothing…