Additional fees demanded by DHL

I ordered an Anova last week, and chose the DHL option. I get a call from DHL today demanding an additional RM240+ before they will deliver the item to me - they say this includes import duty (RM138.06), GST (RM49.70) and a “processing fee” of RM53. This comes to about 80 Singpapore dollars, about half of what I paid for the Anova. I feel that Anova should inform their customers about this up front before we order. I don’t mind paying the GST but I’ve never heard of kitchen appliances being subject to almost 20% import duty. I feel like I want to reject shipment and demand a refund.

One unhappy customer.

Hi @iskandar_taib sorry to hear about that! Please contact and we can see what we can do to help!

It would be nice if this information were displayed prominently on the ordering web page. I probably would have decided not to purchase if I knew I’d have to pay an extra 30-40% of the ordering price in taxes and fees. I could have waited until sous vide gadgets started showing up in appliance stores (as they will probably do in a few months).

I bought mine last year and went through the same thing… On top of that, SIRIM Department also charged me RM106 processing fees to clear at the Customs. Ended up paying almost twice the cost of the ANOVA itself… While I’m hugely shocked at the amount I had to pay, I just blamed myself for not doing my homework on Malaysian import taxes.
However, despite all these setbacks I feel it’s still worth the sum I paid and I have been using it almost everyday and loving it. :smile:

Well… that sucks? I just made a purchase, Is kind hard to know how much is the import duty as Malaysia don’t have a place to check properly. Now I need to pay additional RM112.

I got that same call from DHL today, asking to pay import duty/gst worth SG84 (RM263).
This information should have been provided in your website, would have been a deciding factor.

Not happy.

Ahhh sorry you missed it :frowning: :frowning: - we do have a list on our website with shipping fees according to locale.

After 4 years, and this problem still persist. Make it more obvious for the user, what a bad user and customer experience.