Aggravated! Arrrgh! At ~ 5 mm fittings incompatible!

I bought that other brand’s Jar Sealer with 5 mm fittings. But they are just enough different that ANOVA ~ 5 mm fittings don’t fit tightly - and everyone has glued their tube and fittings together so I can’t even pull them apart and mix and match.

I am glad that I discovered the incompatibility with cheap $20 Jar Sealers, and not with a $100 set of glass vacuum storage containers.

So, off to the hardware store for plastic tube. Can you imagine how much such costs on a remote Island with one h’ware store?

Time for another glass of wine.

After reconsideration, I am going to join the slightly different tubes with polyolefin heat-shrink tubing sealed with a dab of GOOP®

If anyone here is into 3-D additive printing, here is an opportunity, a market.

Is it possible the Anova fittings are 1/4inch (6.35mm) vice 5mm?

I was able to insert the tube of one system into the lumen of the tube of the other system, and use the Jar Sealer to vacuum seal my sauerkraut.