Allergic to some raw foods - Sous vide and heat sensitive proteins

Hi everyone. I just received my ANOVA PC and this is my first post.

I have searched the posts for some similar threads but haven’t found anything so please let me pick your brains.

I have Oral Food Allergy which means I have instant (non life-threatening but painful) allergic reactions to numerous raw fruits, vegetables and nuts but I can eat them cooked. This is because the foods have heat-sensitive proteins which can be deactivated at a certain temperature (but I don’t know what that might be).

My main reason for getting my PC is to figure out the minimum temperature and time requirements to kill off those troublesome proteins while leaving the food as little cooked as I can. Oh how I long to bite into a fresh, juicy peach or a crispy apple!

I’m wondering if anyone out there has knowledge or experience of this and may be able to save me the time and trouble of many experiments?


Hi Mimi!

I’m sorry to red about your OAS, and I can imagine your desire to bite into a juicy peach! I researched your condition across a number of different websites and medical journal articles, and while I am going to provide you with some recommendations, I am not a medical professional. Only your doctor can advise with 100% certainty how you should be approaching the consumption of fruit while suffering from Oral Allergy Syndrome!

According to the following article, ( reaction to such [OAS trigger] foods will be inconsistent if the cross-reactive proteins have already been denatured, as in cooked, canned, pasteurized and frozen foods. Pasteurization occurs with low-acid whole fruit after 30 minutes in a 145ºF/63ºC bath. (

Alternately, I read that 30 seconds in a microwave can also do the trick!

Again, my words are not medical advice. For another conversation between fellow users about sous vide and OAS, I did find this in my research:

I hope that helps! And that you get to eat that peach worry-and-symptom-free!

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Thanks so much for your efforts Nicole. The fruit pasteurisation information is interesting. I immediately had to try cooking a whole peach at 60deg for 30 mins. The result was so-so. I did have a mild reaction and the fruit was a little more cooked than I was hoping for, but it tasted better than a more traditionally poached peach. I had previously tried sliced peach at 60 deg for 30 mins (no reaction but fruit too cooked) and 50 deg for 15 minutes (mild reaction but fruit was delicious). I will keep trying variations within that range and hopefully will find a sweet spot. Then I’ll move on to nectarines. Then cherries. Then…

Thanks again for your help. I will report back here when I have some solid findings.

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Thank you! I would love to hear more, and will continue trying to find the mysterious “right temperature” via research. This is an intriguing syndrome, of which I believe I have known several sufferers though the name was previously unknown to me.

Wishing you the best of luck and juicy fruit! :slight_smile:

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