Annoying thing when setting timer

To bring up the timer function you have to hold down the start button for 8 seconds. When I do this the temperature units also change after about 3 seconds. A bit annoying. Any way around this? Am I missing something?

I also found this… I couldn’t see an obvious way to avoid switching temperature units when trying to use the timer… kind of seems like a fairly obvious ‘bug’ which should have been caught in prototyping?

At first I thought I was doing something wrong. I think it’s strange that the timer icon isn’t there all the time. The Bluetooth icon is there!

The implementation of the timer in the developer prototype units was much better. Wish they hadn’t played with it.

@aarthur Yes, when they decided to remove timer, they should’ve removed it completely (or at least the ability to set it). It’s very easy to set Anova timer with an app, but even in my app (in the current beta) I am trying to promote setting the timer in the phone over setting it on Anova.
Everytime somebody complains about problems with Anova timer I am writing a post “kitchen timers are plenty, and cost around $10” and then I decide not to post it, to not offend the original posters. So if somebody uses a phone with my app to set timer on Anova - why shouldn’t they set timer on the same phone instead.

Yes, but I don’t have the app yet and have no idea if or how well it will work…

yes. but as of right now i dont think there is a way around that

Yes the flipping between C and F when setting the timer is highly annoying. It doesn’t take much to reset it to your preference but this isn’t intuitive. I suppose it’ll be solved once the App appears for those with smartphones.