Anova does not heat water

My Anova does not heat water. The water coming out of my tap is 112 degrees and my Anova never makes the water any hotter than what is coming out of the tap. I believe the heating element in my unit is not working properly.

I removed the sleeve and there is no mineral build up that needs to be cleaned.

I contacted support on Monday and I received a generic message from Rikka Villaster that I should put a lid on my stock pot, clean the machine, etc. Well none of those solutions worked. I didn’t get a response about my ticket until 1:30am on Tuesday, which seems a little bit odd since I’m sleeping at that time and can’t respond to emails.

I responded to the email the next morning (Tuesday) and still haven’t heard anything back. I forwarded the email chain to support@ on Wednesday afternoon and still have not heard a response. I have given support plenty of time to get back to me, but I still have not heard anything yet. I am finding this experience to be less than satisfactory and find it very annoying that I have to air my dirty laundry in public just to get a response.

My order number for the unit is 1122539.


Hey @ShaneInDenver - gahhh sorry about your defective unit. Sometimes support will try to troubleshoot the issue to see if it can be resolved with just a few actions (sometimes it can be). I looked up your ticket and it looks like we’ve sent you a new unit.

Wanted to follow-up with you to make sure everything’s now working right! :slight_smile: