Anova keeps on heating despite having reached desired temperature

Hi there! I haven’t used my Anova Precision Cooker intensively so as to say that the elements have worn out of intensive use. I’m very disappointed because the device keeps warming up the circulating water way over the desired temperature, rendering unusable for practical purposes.

What can be the problem? This shouldn’t be an issue with a device that hasn’t had that much use.

I truly appreciate your support.



Esteban, it could be water vapour is getting into the “head” of the unit, causing it to malfunction. Be mindful of where you have the APC and your vessel situated - if the area isn’t well ventilated, or the vessel that you’re using is directing hot water vapours up to the top of the APC, then that’s likely the culprit. (using a covered vessel, with a hole cut for the APC tends to produce a better operating environment).

Also, you should know that, for the most part, the community is of fellow Anova customers - if you’re looking for Anova support, you really should either be e-mailing or calling them.

Hi there! Sorry for not replying before, as I’m very thankful for your tips and indications on what the culprit of this problem. You’re probably right, despite the fact that I always cover the vessel with plastic film to avoid the water evaporation that may lead to a APC halt due to not enough water in the vessel. I should contact Anova support to make sure they address this issue in future versions of the APC device.

Again, thanks a lot for your kind support.