Anova One not heating up

Hi people,

I have a dinner planned, food prep-ed in vacuum bag and my Anova One is not heating up. LCD is working, pump is working but it is not heating up. I last used it 2 days ago and it’s all good. I would need to unbag and think of a plan B now. Disaster! 

Can someone please help? 

I somehow doubt that you want to sit there with a kettle, moderating the temperature of the bath as you’re doing your cook manually.  That would be pretty egregious. :frowning:

All you can really do for the A1 is try power cycling it a couple of times - see if it’s an intermittent problem that you may be able to get one more cook out of it before you have it serviced / replaced.  (hopefully it’s still in warranty) - you’ll need to contact Anova support to get that rolling.

Otherwise, you’re going to have to look at more traditional means of preparing your meal (maybe a slow cooker for some of it?)