Anova One restarting itself every few minutes


I have had my Anova One since early February, and in the last several weeks it has started to randomly restart itself during use. This happens regardless of the outlet it is connected to. The screen goes black, the pump/heater shut off, then the screen comes back on and it beeps as if it just turned on. The first time this happened it eventually started working normally again, after restarting the unit several times. Yesterday, it persisted with the behavior no matter what I tried. It is now completely useless. Can I have the unit exchanged/replaced?

This is the same issue described in the discussion here:

This is happening consistently as of 12/8/2014

Thank you

If you notice in that thread that you linked to, Steven tells the OP to submit a return request. That seems like something you should do as well.

I have submitted the request. Made the post as well as it sounded like the original submitter had some problems getting timely responses.

Hi @JesseG‌, Did you submit a return request here: