Anova One won't turn on

Hey guys, just bought a used Anova model ASVPIPE1.2 from a friend a couple of weeks ago.I was so stoked, I’ve been using a cooler, hot water and a thermometer for a year. Was working great, love the device, non stop meals.
Yesterday I was making mashed potatos at 185 degrees for an hour. I walked away and realized that it been more than an hour and it hadn’t beeped. I took a look and the device had a flashing black lcd and neither the pump nor impeller were running.
I’m guessing it overheated or steam got into it.
Any suggestions?
I’ve had it out for a day to let it dry, I took it apart to see if there was water damage but don’t see anything…still flashing black screen.

I would definitely reach out to They’ll go ahead and further troubleshoot the issue and find a resolution for ya!