Anova Pro incompatible with Google Pixel platform

After not being able to use my Anova Pro I received in Oct 2020, I reached out to support. When you first download the Anova app, turn on the unit and try to connect, they ALL have a mandatory update that has to be performed. My update failed. I never was able to get the machine to give me the 4 digit code after an update. In fact, the update said it had failed each time after about 15 seconds. Support sent me a shipping label and I returned the unit and they shipped a second unit. The unit failed like the 1st. Support sent another return label and the 3rd unit came. This time, I called support and asked for step by step instructions before I even powered up the unit.

After 3 weeks, I got a return call from support. Following their instructions exactly, the update failed. They were ready to send me a 4th unit.

I then had an idea of borrowing my wife’s phone to see if it was a compatibility issue. I have a Google Pixel 4XL and my wife, a Samsung Galaxy Note 20. The Anova Pro worked perfectly with the Samsung and the updates (both of them) were successfully completed. I then tried to connect the Pixel and, since the mandatory update had been completed, I was able to successfully connect.

Bottom line, the Anova units are incompatible with any Google Pixel platform. In order to use it, you’ll need to borrow someone else’s non-Google phone and then you’ll be fine - until Anova releases another mandatory update. Then you’ll need to “find-a-friend” again.