Anova screen won't turn on, but starts circulating water?

Has this happened to anyone else?  I literally just got the device, cooked once successfully with it (not super high temp) and unplugged it.

I plugged it back in and the system automatically starts making noise and circulating water, however the screen will not turn on.  I am unsure what has happened.

Is there a way to hard reset the device?  

Hey Alex,

Sorry to hear your device isn’t workin’ as it should.
Send us an email to and we’ll get you cooking again :slight_smile:

I experienced the exact same problem one week ago.

I was cooking at 88 C for less than one hour, suddenly the screen went black and won t turn on never again.

Every time I conncect it, it stars circulating water. No screen signs.

A hard reset mechanism would sound useful.

Hello Anova. 

I loved using my Anova One for almost a year and few months. Another day I turned on my device for cooking some eggs for dinner, it beeped, however, the screen remained blank(white backlight is on), however, is nothing displayed. I can touch the screen and hear it beeping, I could also turn the device on when I guess where the start button is. I tried to power cycle a few times and the screen still remains blank. What are my options? Attached is picture of the device’s serial number.

I sent an email to support and got respond from Christy with an offer to buy another unit with a discount. I appreciate the offer, however, I hate wasting resources and money as my Anova most likely just needs another screen or minor repair as I can tell the mechanics and microprocessor still working. Can you tell me if I can repair this myself? I have hands on microelectronics experience and always tinker with projects. What is likely wrong? Can I order spare parts? Any other options than throwing away a good unit and buying another one?

please feel free to email or call.

best, Sergei

The circulator on my brand new, first time using, avona precision cooker will not turn on.  It has reached temp.

My screen went blank also after about 12 uses.

It was after 1 year and support says that since the warranty only lasts 1 year that they cannot help me. 

They did offer a $40 discount on a new until. But clearly the screens are defective from the manufacturing process. 

I am very disappointed that this company will not honor a problem that is clearly from production and that has happened to so many people. 

Sorry guys, but I think you’re misunderstanding what the community is for.  This is for other Anova customers helping each other.  You’re clearly having issues with defective units.  You need to call / e-mail Anova customer support and take it to resolution.  No-one here can offer you any more assistance than Anova can for these hardware faults.

My LCD touch screen has stopped responding to touching it.  The unit boots up and passes its self test and shows the options, but nothing happens when you touch it.  ANOVA is telling me that they do not have replacement screens available, and can not give me a source for one.  Has anyone had an success with finding a replacement?

I found smacking my unit moderately hard bought it some time.

Meant sincerely.