Anova Pro Screen Won't Respond

I’m awaiting a reply from Support.

I plugged the device in to cook, everything was fine. The screen was dirty so I sprayed a little cleaner into a paper towel and began to rub the gook off. One of the setting caught and then it went crazy going “down” for that setting. It stopped, I unplugged and waited a bit. Plugged it back in. The device beeps and the screen comes on as normal.

However, the display won’t do anything. Buttons don’t work, current temp reads 32* as it sits in 130* water. Unplugged and let sit for an extended period and still nothing.

Has anyone had this happen? Any advice?

Hi ya @TannerJ

My display has gotten dirty, but I merely use a damp cloth to wipe it clean. I also ALWYS use a cover for the bath to prevent the high humidity / heat at the head of the cooker, as there are many reports of that causing damage.

Best wishes.

Try several days in the off & uplugged scenario.

The fact you indicate it happened after cleaning is as above most likely moisture related, thus a proper drying out is your first thing to do, 3-5 days in a moisture expelling environ, then plug in & have a look,

if same, flick it on / off at the wall socket, as I’ve mentioned before, maybe try reading up on the forum in case there is something you have been doing wrong (like an open pot)

Mine works fine after I gave the internals time to dissipate stored energy & forced a soft chip reset, …however mine was not liquid related.

NB IF there is a soft reset operation then it needs putting out there, (information wise) if not it needs putting in (the kit) …I messed around with mine to attempt a reset of some stuck IC parameter (just like a hanging laptop) I’m hoping that it is as simple for yours, regardless please be aware open pots & moisture are always something to be wary of, my e-scooter is IP65 rated for dust / water ingression, but I can & should still take precautions (not leave it in the rain, not ride it through avoidable puddles type thing) read up if you haven’t already :+1: