Anova SDK for iPhone app developers

The Anova 2 proves to be the equal of my home built kit – much smaller and quieter too. Leaving hardware development behind I’m now keen to dabble in software controlling the unit. Believing there to be a Anova SDK I bought myself a unit – but now can’t find one to develop my own app with. I dislike the official app’s recipe entry point – I have my own profiles/recipes from years of experimentation, so I want to be able to create my own macros and to log time/temp for each “cook”. I also need a second Anova to cook in parallel (e.g. my wife’s doneness for a steak differs from my own or I may want to cook up a surf and turf combo) – so I want an app that will control multiple units. Where do I come by the APIs SDK to hack my Anova?

I came across this link to request a “Hacker Special developer unit” but I just need the SDK and APIs, not the unit – unless this is the only way to go, which will also give me a second unit to test and program a multi-unit controlling app.

Yes I agree. SDK and API’s should be made available for developers. This is a great way to move the Anova brand name ahead of their competition. This is one reason why Nest became so well known.

Count me in, as well.  If I had a description of the message and command formats, I could hack up a way to monitor and control the unit. Lacking that, it’s a bit of a guessing game.

Well I am waiting to see what Joan Roca does.