Anova Vacuum Sealer

I just got a Anova vacuum sealer as a gift. It’s beautiful. But I can’t figure out how it works. I have used food sealers for years and never had a problem. I don’t understand the instruction diagrams. I’d feel like a real dummy but there is actually a YouTube video of someone trying to use it and giving up. Help please. Carter

Hi @Carter

I don’t have an Anova sealer, but I did managed to find a comment from someone who does out on YouTube that may help…

“Place the edge of the plastic bag up against the two black notches. You then place your fingers on each side on top of the door and push down simultaneously until you hear a loud click. Then push vacuum button and wait. When the light go out push the buttons on the side to release the the top door.”

I hope this works for you!

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Thanks. Pressing hard till it clicks is the trick. There are some instructions earlier on in the diagram that I still don’t understand. But I’m sealing. The important part.

Appreciate your help. You are a way better YouTube searcher than I am. I spent a couple of hours and never found this. I am very grateful.


Happy to help, and I’m glad to here you got things working!