Anova Vacuum Sealer Pro not removing air from bags

I just received an Anova Vacuum Sealer Pro, and I am trying to vacuum seal something in a bag made from a roll. I pull the appropriate amount of roll out and cut it to size. I seal one end of the bag by placing it into the machine, closing the lid and pressing the Seal button. I place the item in the bag, then place the open end of the bag into the machine making sure that the opening of the bag is in the vacuum are and close the lid. I choose moist or dry depending on the item in the bag. When I press the Vacuum and Seal button, the sealer makes a noise like it is vacuuming for several seconds but doesn’t remove any air from the bag. It then seals the bag.

Do I have a faulty machine or am I doing something wrong? I noticed that there is a small plastic “tube” standing at the right side of the vacuum area. Am I supposed to do something with this?

Something doesn’t sound right, please email and we can assist!

Finch, did you get this issue resolved to your satisfaction? On some FoodSaver machines, auxiliary tubes are provided for jar lids or external accessories. This tube must be sealed off or the pump just sucks air form the room instead of the bag. On my FS machine, there is an internal valve that opens only if the length of supplied tubing is attached to the auxiliary tube connector.