No vaccum - Precision Vacuum Sealer (NOT the pro model)

Bought my Precision Vacuum Sealer from Best Buy last November (2022) so it’s not even a year old yet. Suddenly there is no vacuum, just a lot of noise like it’s trying to vacuum.

I removed the seal and washed it under hot water, and let it dry 24 hours (like the quick-start guides says to do) and wiped down with warm water the part of the device that seal touches when the device is closed. Still no vacuum.

According to the website, there is s 2 year warranty. I searched “support” by clicking that link at the bottom of the website, but the vacuum sealers are not listed on the resulting page.

How do I get this device repaired or replaced?


I have occasionally had such failures in my two year old VS, and learned to fiddle a bit to ‘fix’ it. It may be that something as simple as an unfortunate wrinkle in the bag will present a sufficient leak path as to prevent drawing a vacuum.

When my vacuum fails I first smooth and reseat the bag.

Good thought, but I’ve tried four different bags, ensuring all were smoothed out. I also pressed down on the top of the device to see if I could assist the seal, but that did no good either.