Anove One turned off unexpectedly overnight. (1) is food safe? (2) how can I determine the cause?

Somewhere around 50 hours into a 72 hour cook, my Anova One turned off overnight. When I found it in the morning, the cooker was powered on, but the motor/heater was not running. The water had dropped from 131 F to 108 F. I restarted the machine and it seemed to be working normally before I left for work.

Questions: (1) is the food safe to eat? I quickly par-boiled the meat (30 seconds) before beginning the cook to kill surface bacteria, and I’d think 50 hours at 131 the food should be ok, but I want to check.

(2) How can I figure out why the machine failed? I like doing long cooks, and having it fail and destroy a large piece of meet is pretty concerning.


@dsbaser The food should be fine, if the bag wasn’t fully vacuum sealed (i.e. a ZipLock bag) you would also be able to smell whether it was bad because of the air surrounding it. If it was vacuum-sealed it would be a little more difficult to tell.

Regarding the machine fail, you may want to try replacing the fuse. There is a spare fuse by the plug - “hide away drawer” pulls out. Please let me know if this helps!

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