Is firmware user upgradeable or not?

Referring to this post, which has gone unanswered:

Again, my question, this time in a seperate topic:

Is it or is not possible for a user to install a firmware upgrade?

Please kindly reply this time.

Would like answer to this, as well. Wi-Fi has been useless since I bought the Anova.

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Hey @michihenning @JoshK so I got some updates from my teammate regarding the firmware question. And the answer is …

we are working on support for OTA (Over The Air) updates to the firmware. Initial engineering is done but we are entering into a long period of testing, and don’t yet have a release date. Apart from that we do plan to fix bugs in firmware once OTA is capable.


Thanks for the reply Alyssa!

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Checking to see if this is expected anytime soon. Unless there were huge issues, 6 months is usually a rather lengthy testing period.

@AlyssaWOAH 9 months later. Any progress? Is anyone working on this? I can’t imagine wifi is such a new and mystifying topic that someone can’t figure out a solution in 9 months.

The Nano’s firmware is upgrade-able. Currently the older models are not.

Hello @AlyssaWOAH,

Any news on this? Will the Anova Wifi unit ever be updatable? Seeing that this thread started long time ago, I’m a bit sceptical at this point.



No new news. My last comment on this thread has not changed.

Hi @AlyssaWOAH,

Thanks for the update. However, I’m still wondering if the tech team is still working on making firmware updates possible, or otherwise all work on this front has stopped. If they’re still working on it, could you provide an ETA?



I just got my nano yesterday and had it stop in the middle of a 24 hour cook. Came home and found my roast sitting at 78 degrees. If the machine restarts then it is most certainly not a blown fuse. Is there a firmware update on these?

How common is this. I can’t waste any more pieces of meat.

unbelievable that they haven’t sorted this out. Total wast of money. You can get something on AMazon that does the same for half the money. Probably still rubbish support, but at least it’ll be cheaper. Very disappointing company.

The one time I had to use Anova support, they were responsive, fast, and unbureaucratic. Couldn’t have been more happy. They may write garbage software but, at least in my experience, support has been very good.

I have had the same experience with Anova Support. While I have criticized their management response to this issue the working people have been great. Cudos and thanks to Peter Chua in Tech Support and Monence Zapra in Customer Support.