What's the status of firmware upgrades for WiFi issue?

We had a thread from February about the ongoing and widespread WiFI connectivity issues (see: Is firmware user upgradeable or not?). Anova told us that you were working on a OTA firmware update but didn’t have a release date. The thread was closed by Anova in June with no reason given. Does this mean you will not be issuing a firmware update to fix the WiFi connectivity issues? Not cool to just close a thread about issues with no fix or reason given.


Let me double check with our team on this and see if anything has changed or if there is any movement on this. I’ll link up with you on this later today. I may have mistakenly closed the post, I’ve reopened it.

Update: We’re still working on this - there is no ETA on the release date.

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Please try to include 5 GHz support in future releases. 2.4 GHz does not work for people with good dual band (gaming) routers as we almost always connect to the 5 GHz band. I have this same issue with existing SMART home sensors and as a matter of principal will not purchase an item that I know only supports older WIFI frequency bands. Switching my data connection on my phone to be able to work with 2.4 devices is not convenient. For now, the bluetooth option seems to work just fine.

Unbelievable. Wish I’d never spent the money. Clearly this company doesn’t give 5 cents for it’s existing customers. Here is a company that is going NOWHERE.

Hmmm… So, you joined this forum four hours ago. In that time, you made three posts that all did nothing but severely criticise the product and the company. Without substantiation, explanation, or rationale.

There are plenty of things wrong with the Anova. I’ve said so myself on many occasions. But I do wonder why you bothered to sign up here. If it’s just to vent anger, I suspect your time here may not be very enjoyable or productive.

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Actually, I originally registered 18 months ago, but lost my login. I thought I’d check in, in the Anova had fixed the wifi issue, and what did I find? Sweet FA. A bunch of frustrated people posting messages months ago with little or no response, and no fix from Anova. Yes, the machine works fine without the wifi (I find the BT functionality useless as it drops out of range just a few feet away, and then won’t reconnect), but you know what? That’s not the point. I paid extra for the wifi version, and after 18 months, I’d expect at least a modicum of effort on the part of the vendor to fix the problem. I;d like to be able to try the functionality out, and maybe, you know, actually get to use the functionality I’ve paid for, Shocking, I know, How dare me.

So yes, you don’t hear from me for months, and then three cross emails in a day (4, if you include this one). But on what planet is this kind of behaviour acceptable from a manufacturer? I think I’m entitled to be a little cross and disillusioned, vent a little.

And the fact that you don’t…well, it makes me feel I’ve wandered into Stepford.

Hi @Simonz

I think the issue is that for most of us who have WiFi units the WiFi works fine, and even then it’s just something that after a while you don’t really find much use for. I don’t even use the Bluetooth to be honest, just the manual controls. I think you are justifiably upset. But since I’ve experienced no problems with WiFi on my unit I just don’t have anything personally about which to complain to Anova. Fingers crossed that they do get an update out there sometime soon for those that need it!

I’ve just purchased this cooker, chose the WiFi version so I could control it via Alexa as publicised. The cooker will not connect to WiFi at all even after resetting and following all the instructions on the troubleshooting page. I now see that this is a long standing problem, since June 2016 almost three years, that Anova has not managed to resolve. Can somebody please help.

I’m in the same boat. My Wi-Fi never worked reliably for my unit and I was also annoyed that, despite promises, Anova, has never rolled out a fix or offered any compensation for the tech we paid for that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to (don’t get me started on the crappy Bluetooth, either). That said, now that I’ve used my Anova frequently for 18 months I really don’t miss having Wi-Fi. The whole process of sous vide is pretty much set it and forget it, so there’s really little use for the Wi-Fi function. At first, you may be tempted to continuously check on your cooking. But, after a while, the novelty wears off and you just trust it to do its thing.

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What @JoshK said above 100%!

Also, I’ve never had problem issues with WiFi connectivity but if you do get your problem resolved please be aware that there is no Alexa skill for the Anova and there are no plans for development of one. But as @JoshK has said, the Anova is extremely easy to run manually. I only use WiFi to check and make sure everything is still running when I’m away from home. And even that is just to give me that “warm fuzzy feeling” that all is well! :slight_smile:

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