Any experience with Chicken Tenderloins?

I’ve done B/S chicken breast no problem, but I’ve got a batch of chicken tenderloins ready to put in but am unsure how how to cook them. I’ve googled it but have found no answer yet. I basically have it in a ziploc and it’s been marinating in teriyaki sauce for 24 hours. I’m thinking about 146-168 for about 1:30 (I normally do my chicken breasts for 3 hours because the wife is paranoid about it not being pasteurized.

any response would be helpul. thanks!

You’re on the right track! I’d treat them the same as breasts, just less time due to thickness.

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Ya, I’d say the same as Cole. Don’t have to do much different than normal chicken but thinner meat = less cooking time. 90 minutes will do the trick.

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