How to Sous Vide Turkey Tenders

I cooked a boneless 1/2 turkey breast for 2.5 hours at 145, and it came out great. Now I want to cook Turkey Tenders, but I can’t find any information online. The tenders that I bought are about the size of a chicken breast, but there are several of them. Should I cook them the same temperature and time (145 for 2.5 hours) that I cooked the boneless 1/2 turkey breast I cooked?

Also are turkey tenders that same as a turkey tenderloin? Or is the tenderloin bigger like a pork tenderloin?

Thank you, Inor

I can’t help on the specifics of tenders versus tenderloin but you can try Baldwin’s sous vide bible for working out the time for cook.

Yes Inor, Turkey Tenders are the filets or tenderloins on the underside of that turkey breast you enjoyed. Their size varies according to the size of the turkey, some are as large as a pork tenderloin.

You can cook them exactly as you did the 1/2 breasts, remembering they are 1/4 breasts less time would be just fine too.

Go easy on any post-cook searing because of the delicate meat. You may find them more moist if you brine them beforehand.

Thank you for your reply. It is very helpful. Are you saying that I could cook these for 2.5 hours like the 1/2 breast or I could cook it for 1.25 hours since 1/4 the breast. Both ok?


Thank you for your reply. This site is very helpful.

Inor, regarding your questions, - yep, well sort of to both.

Please know SV cooking time only depends on product thickness not halves or quarters, and certainly not weights. You can’t successfully apply your experience with conventional cooking to SV because you are usually cooking at much lower temperatures over significantly longer times.

If you want to be competent at SV cooking it takes some knowledge. As Amber advised above, read and learn from Baldwin.

Do the work, but to get you started here’s a hint:
Table 4.1.