Turkey breast tenderloin

Well, happy to say my first meal with my new way of cooking was a big success!
Now I’d like to cook a 30 oz turkey breast tenderloin. I’m not seeing much about tenderloins, but lots of recipes bor boneless turkey breasts. Most of them are a temp of 145 degrees from 2 1/5-4 hours.

Is there a better way to determine the right temp/time? Better yet…lol…a specific recipe or chart?

Thanks in advance!

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Hey @susandoeshair! I found a YouTube video and the guy said he sous vide his for 145 degrees for 3 hours. I have never done turkey breast tenderloin but you can find the video here: https://youtu.be/GoXUEQoP4Q0.

I think @john.jcb @phrank02 and @AngelArs might have some insight on this too.

It all depends on which part of the turkey you’re cooking. Dark meat takes longer to cook. For white meat I use 131F for 8 hours, but you can go longer (up to 24 hours). It’s so tender it almost melts in your mouth.

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