Any update on when/if additional color units will be in stock?

Been wanting to pick up a blue One, but for the past month or so, only the black has been in stock. Any rough idea on when/if more blue/red ones will be in stock (weeks/months/never)? Or is the One being phased out, since the site only lists the APC and APC-Pro (although the page for the One still seems to be up and working).


Is this thing on?

You’d probably get an answer faster by actually contacting Anova via their support. Jordan is usually pretty good about answering questions on here but this is really meant to be a community not customer service for Anova.

@Beaker Sorry for the delay and thanks, @elangomatt - our support team does have a better idea of these answers. I’ll check in on it and confirm with the team but I do know off-hand that the white Precision Cooker units will not be in stock moving forward. I’m not sure about the Anova One units though so I’ll have to get back to you on those.

@jordan so my beautiful white APC will be rare and valuable? Cool!

@Simon_C Practically a special edition collector’s item!