App and pairing

I just received my Anova today. I went to my iphone 6 plus to get the app. No app to be found. I read the manual which stated, to pair the bluetooth in apps? I figured that maybe by pairing the device with my iphone, that the app will magically appear. I put my phone in pairing mode and held down the bluetooth button on the Anova. The iphone was unable to see the device. Am I missing something? What is the name of the app at the app store? Has anyone had trouble pairing with bluetooth. Any help will be appreciated.

The app hasn’t been released yet. The iOS version should be out soon as the last estimate I heard was December 15th, but I wouldn’t bet on that date. Once the app is installed it will be able to pair with the Anova since they used a newer version of bluetooth that doesn’t pair the same way as older devices.

On the plus side, the Anova works just fine without the app at all.

@jamesnew‌ @elangomatt‌ we’re still finishing up development as we speak. We were slightly delayed as we put all of our resources into getting the rest of Kickstarter and pre-orders fulfilled these past few weeks, however we are aiming to submit the app in the next 2 weeks for approval and launch. In the meantime, you can use the Precision Cooker all the same via it’s interface, the manual can be accessed directly from the product page here:

Stay tuned for more app updates shortly.