App loses connection and will not reconnect to my new oven

I just got my oven the other day and been having problems with the android app losing connection and not reconnecting. Took over 6 tries to get set up because app just freezes or gets just try again errors. The timer goes way off now over an hour off. The light will only stay on for 20 seconds. The commands on app do nothing or are extremely delayed. Is this a common. App seems to be very glitchy and given the oven is heavily reliant on app I am considering a return. Customer support seems to just give out basic how to connect to network help and yes I am on the proper 2.4ghz and is connected. The app just loses connection this is very frustrating it lost connection mid way and endless just stuck at trying to reconnect. Been this way for over 14 hrs now. I have restarted app, uninstalled and reinstalled, unplugged oven. Oven is connected and online in my 2.4GHz network. The app is just stuck it. I disconnected oven from my account and reconnected took over 4 attempts this time (app freezes mid way). Seems all good then go use oven with app it loses connection and this starts all over again

Screen shot of oven online in my network

This is getting beyond frustrating

So sorry you’re having trouble. Please email and we can assist!