Apple Time / Temp?

Looking for time/temp for nice soft apples to pair up with ice cream.

Any suggestions?

There’s a sous vide poached apple recipe on the site. It’s cooked at 175F / 79.4C for one hour.

Tried tried that and apples are still too hard…

I would experiment and bump it up for longer, maybe 2 hours. Perhaps the apples were thicker than the one used in the recipe. Or maybe double layered? Either way, I’d shoot for a longer cook time and see if that helps.

Cut in half. 84.5c 1 hour.

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Peeled and cut in half at 84 C FOR 2hr did it. They turned out rubbery though…?

Perhaps it’s the apples? I Used Kanzi apples… maybe I should have tried Granny Smith?

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Différent apples cook at very different times and textures. Choose one you like and experiment.

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