Are my ribs trash

I feel like I know the answer, just want to validate before I toss them.

Yesterday, I started some pork ribs at 145 degrees.  Sometime last night, one of the kids accidentally shut it off, so this morning, the water temp was a tepid 115 degrees.  Since it was in a cooler, I’m figuring that the cooler lost about 4-5 degrees an hour.

Any possibility that these are salvageable?

Heh.  10 days ago.  Hopefully you did the right thing and tossed them.  Pretty sure the safe bet is any type of meat being below 130F for more than two hours is pushing your luck. 130F is the point that dangerous bacteria are killed - temperatures below that promote their growth.

Out of curiosity, you don’t have it plugged into a receptacle that’s controlled by a light switch, do you? :). (just wondering how someone accidentally turns off your Precision Cooker) :slight_smile: