lower temp for st louis ribs

THis was my 3rd time cooking. Last was a beef round roast which turned out perfect. I then did 2 racks of ribs but set my temp at 135F not the 155/160f . Ribs cooked for 13 hrs at 130F. I turned temp to 155 f. Are the ribs safe to eat? and how long should I cook ate new temp?

The ribs are certainly safe to eat. Though they might not have the tenderness you desire.

Tenderness and mouth feel is developed by the conversion of collagen to gelatin. This process happens slowly at low temperatures, but increases speed at higher temperatures. This is the reason why people more often cook things like ribs at 155F than at 130F.

The time you should cook your ribs also depends no small amount on what texture you want from them. It plays into what is the expected texture of a given item. In the case of steak people are inclined to expect a more toothy texture than they do with a roast or with brisket.

You should have no problems as your ribs were always hot enough throughout the cook. I would be interested in how they turned out.

Hi @Budlight

Hopefully you left them in at the new temp for a few hours more to get them tender. I’m curious how they turned out!

Hey Budlight,
Here is a site with different temps and the amount of CHEW you may want on your ribs.

After you have cooked about 10 racks or more invite us all over. Hey better idea cook about 10 racks at all the temps and we can do a rib taste test. Yummy !