Australia - which esky to use? Can't find the Coleman stacker.

The Coleman 24 stacker cooler seems perfect to use as a cooking container, but these don’t seem to be available in Australia.

Has anyone found a similar esky that’s available in Australia? I don’t want to just use a standard one, waste of water+energy having to fill it up so much.

Any esky is fine. I’m using an antique one I found in the garage.

I don’t want to use a big one though, I’m looking for something shallow so I don’t have to heat 40L of water.

I’ve not seen much by way of shallow ones in Aus. There are some good, small but deep Esky and Chiller branded ones out there.

Got one from BCF, it’s an EVAKOOL IceKool. Blue in colour with plastic hinges and catches (all removed) Inside measurement is 360mm x 280mm x280mm. Bit pricy but does a fine job. Also bought a chicken wing BBQ rack (Fornetto) from Bunnings, This is perfect for holding down the food. Even if the food has sunk, it will stop it from fouling Anova. Drilled a hole through the corner of the lid for the Anova and away we go! If you go this way, don’t use the carry handles when you have water in the icebox. Being plastic the handles will tear out of the side of the icebox. The whole thing is made from dense styrofoam.

Just bought 27ltr sistema storage and filled to + - 20l, bought bbq rack and put a cooling rack at the bottom.

First cook to 74c and seems to be holding, put it in the bath to run hot water and make sure it does not burst.