Best rack for Coleman 24?

I tried to find an existing answer to no avail. I have a Coleman 24 can cooler that works great for long cooks of big things but a rack hold multiple bags would make it perfect. I don’t want to re-invent the wheel so what’s worked best for you?

Hey Jack! Beyond any doubt I would go with the Ikea variera Pot lid organizer. It is stainless steel, expandable, inexpensive, and I’ve got 4 of them as they are multi-taskers. Can get on amazon but I think they are cheaper on the IKEA site. :grinning:

Sorry Jack. You don’t want to buy a house with that do you? here’s the IKEA

I have the IKEA VARIERA, which works well if you don’t need to convince things not to shift around. I also use the Spectrum Diversified Modern Lid Organizer, Plate Rack, Lid Holder, Square, Chrome (fm Amazon) along with small bulldog clips to hold things in place. With either you can rack up a stack of steaks and ensure good water flow.


Thanks! As coincidental luck would have it my wife has one hidden in the cupboard.

I made this one from some PVC pipe, fittings and a few pieces of aluminum rods, I drilled holes in it to allow it to fill with water to keep it in place. I’ve used it when cooking baby back ribs and for a London Broil I tried.

I’ve tried several times to add my photo with no luck, it made a frame to follow the outer perimeter of the inside of the cooler, added a notch for the base of the circulator and have 4 1/4 OD aluminum rods going across.