Cooking divider accessory

I have the dividers for the 12 L bath, but can’t find dividers for the 16L bath. Does Anova make them or any ideas where I might find dividers for the 16 L Anova bath?
Thank you.

Hi ya @Golferdoc Welcome

Amazon has them, where I researched them before learning that I don’t need them.

SV Racks

The other thing (the cheap alternative) is to look up the ikea hack, I have s/steel rib rack holders which I bought from a DIY shed closing down, thus cheap as chips, but only really of use when I get the cooler out.
(rest of the time it is an 8 litre pot with not enough diameter to fit)

& whilst at it, may I point the stats out for energy reduction from a simple cheapo insulated wrap (to give folk an idea, I don’t recommend fleeces near potential flame sources.

But, look at those before / after energy figures…