Bacon wrapped Filet Mignon Medium Rare

Wrapped 2 Filet Mignon steaks with Wright’s Hickory Smoked bacon, secured with a toothpick. Put them in two separate bags with olive oil, rosemary and Thyme. Into the Anova Precision at 129F for 1 hour. Opened the bags and saved the juices. Seared steaks in a black iron skillet with some olive oil Kosher salt and ground black pepper

about 1 minute each side. Removed and used a small butane torch to crisp the bacon. Added Butter on top of the steak on plate. Added the juices from the Sous Vide process into the hot skillet, scraped with a wooden spatula and added 1/2 cup of beef stock. Makes a perfect Au Jus!


Looks delicious.

Great job on your sear!! I’m sure they were fantastic steaks!!! :slight_smile:

The “rub” with a lot of the spices is that they don’t release their flavours in a lot of the lower temperatures that we use in sous vide - if you want more of that flavour, you could infuse the oil in advance on your stovetop, let it cool, then add it to your meat before cooking. :). (but others will tell you the only real infusion into the meat is the salt) :slight_smile: Still, it makes your jus more flavourful!

Thanks! I will try infusion, sounds like a good idea. My first try at Sous Vide was eye of round, which I knew would be a challenge. Turned out great and Tbone tender, not tender as filet. I made pan Au Jus from the searing bits, homemade beef stock, half teaspoon of cornstarch and the juice from the steak packages. Great flavor. I knew at that point that Sous Vide was the way to go for steak… and many other things.

Heh, yeah, you really can’t go back to traditional methods of making steak - you ALWAYS regret it! :slight_smile:

I love buying cheap roasts and letting them melt at 135F for a few days. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t done fish yet, you’re really in for a treat - believe that’s why the French invented it about 50 years ago. You’ve never had fillets as tender as they’re going to be coming out of your sous vide water bath!!! :smiley:

Doing Cod Loins tonight. In vacuum bag now with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic powder and some capers and juice. Also doing bacon wrapped Sea Scallops probably in the skillet. Basmati Rice with Saffron in it. Green peas on the side.

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How long do you sous vide cod?

I did 7 oz Cod Loins 131F for 1 hour.