Beef Grading

Now that the holidays are behind us and everyone has had their fill of prime rib it is time to start exploring other cuts of meat. A good place to start is to have a basic understanding of how beef is graded. This article is slanted towards the US but he discussed other systems that are used. There are a number of factors in addition to the grading that you need to take into account in your search for meat. Breed of the cattle, how it was fed and if antibiotics were given. If you are keeping a notebook for your cooks details about the meat you bought make a good first entry as it influences the outcome of your dish.

While we’re on the subject… Always a good idea to get to know the cuts and where they come from.

This one’s not a bad page for a good explanation of the ‘steak cuts.’

Thanks Ember for adding these references. Here is one that may help as well. We have a members from all over the world so here is a guide on the naming of various beef cuts. It is referenced to US cuts.

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