Beeped several times and turned off when I put in hot tap water

I filled up my water container with hot tap water,120 degrees. My unit was set for 140 degrees. I turned on my unit and it started beeping like crazy. N special codes showed up on the display. I took the hot water out and put in cool tap water and it was just fine. It heated my water to 140 degrees and then beeped to let me know. My brother has been cooking Sous Vide for several years now and he always uses hot tap water. Do I need to wait for a few minutes before I plug it in? Is there something special that I have to do first?

@jabreezy I’ve used hot tap water as well - a quick unplug and re-plug into the socket should do the trick. Did you check that the water met the minimum fill line and didn’t exceed the maximum fill line?