Bought from Amazon and Shipped to Singapore

Bought my Anova and delivered 2 weeks ago.
Tried today with half boiled eggs.
Set 145 F at 45mins.

At 135F, there was a beep sound and the display went off with smoke emitting from the device
The display panel went off and when I turned on again, its not showing up and the whole device does not power up.

The plug is US plug. I chose the SG version.

So what should i do now ?

How did you plug in the device? Using a plug adapter? If you received a US version and plugged into a Singapore power point with a plug adapter, you’ve fed 230 V into a 110 V Anova, which will permanently have put paid to the unit :frowning:


Hi Michi,

You are absolutely right. I just plugged it into the singapore socket.
This unit was bought by a friend via amazon. I took a look at the plug which is different from our regular plug but thought nothing of it. I just put an adaptor and use it.

I think mine is totally fried ! Anyway to have it repaired?

When I did my first tour in Europe we had many people who plugged devices for the US market into European plug sockets. It rarely went well. It was a common mistake. People mistake the plug adapter with an actual voltage converter.

This is always a bad approach. Remember that household current can easily kill you, so electricity is something that needs to be paid attention to and taken seriously. The fact that the unit came from another country AND had a plug that was clearly not designed to fit into your wall sockets should have at least made you slow down and investigate the matter a little before proceeding. It’s just good that this didn’t end up with you being injured.

Unfortunately, I’d imagine that repairing it is likely to cost more than what you’d pay for a brand new unit.

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Another thing to keep in mind about using appliances for the United States in other countries is that while you can convert the plug to work in the outlet, as we’ve seen this isn’t a good idea, but even using a voltage converter, what you cannot convert is the frequency. In the USA we are 120 volts at 60 hertz. Europe (and other places) are 240 volts 50 hertz. A voltage converter cannot fix this second part. It is always better to buy for the market that you are using it in. Imagine the potential for fire.

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Thank you all for the reply. It’s a costly mistake. I bought Google home and Alexa from US and it all worked fine without any converter even though its a 2pin so I thought nothing of it.

Guess I got to wait for anova to reply if repair is possible

I’m skeptical. Most likely, most of the innards are fried. Be prepared to buy a replacement.

Expensive mistake. Lets see what Anova says…

Google Home and Alexa both work because the transformer is at the plug. They are both low voltage DC appliances. The Anova is a 110 - 120 volts AC or 220-240 volts AC appliance. The Echo adapter is made to take 110 - 240 volts AC and steps it down to 15 volts at 1.5 amps. Google Home takes 100-240V-1.1A 50-60Hz.

The lesson you learned did cost something to replace the cooking appliance but in truth it could have been much more costly. It could have burned your house down or electrocuted you. It is important to make sure that you know the voltage of anything you are plugging in, especially if the item came from out of the country.

A friend of mine, when she first got to The Netherlands had an electric shaver start getting hot in her hand while she was shaving her legs. She set it down just as it burst into flames. Now that was back in the early 90’s but it got her attention. That bathroom plug looked like a 110 but surprise, it was not.

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Thanks for the reply Thom. It is a costly mistake but you are right to say that it could have burn down my house. After this incident, I am more aware of appliances bought from amazon n alibaba.

If anova cannot repair I will just get another one but with SG/UK plug as its my oversight.

Thanks for the detailed reply.