Broken Glass Door Repair

Has anybody had any success getting replacement inner glass for the oven door? I had an accident and the glass shattered. I wouldn’t expect it to be covered under warranty since it’s my fault, and the warranty has expired. Anova doesn’t make parts available for repair, so the best support will do is offer a discount code, but it seems unconscionable to throw away a perfectly good oven with a broken glass panel.

I’ve been limping along by taping the inside of the glass with packing tape to prevent it from falling apart further, but I can no longer do anything but low temperature cooking.

Has anyone successfully had a replacement piece of glass cut from a glass shop? I use my oven daily, and it’s heartbreaking that such a wonderful piece of technology is designed to be e-waste within a couple of years. It got replaced once under warranty, and the light bulb immediately went out on the new oven, so I had to replace the light bulb. You can’t even change the bulb without destroying the gasket. It really seems like Anova didn’t give any consideration to long term ownership.

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That is chronic, hardly sustainable, but sadly what I have come to expect from Anova (who were bought by electrolux) & doubtless have “IF” they could be bothered access to a lot of cheap tooling, spares resources etc.

But they don’t, & won’t.

I would firstly send a damning letter to ELECTROLUX (who do carry lots of spares for their massive inventory) & make some bloody waves, this is as you say expensive ewaste, the product is wholly questionable & the folk willing to sticking plaster it & coax it along get short shrift.

Secondly, ignore all of Anova CS who don’t know their product arses from their elbows & email the head of CS (you can see a list of the team online) & push it, doubtless they have a lot of uplifted stock sitting in a pile somewhere, it is not an unreasonable ask to wish to maintain your product based on cost & environmental concerns.

Get the glass specs off them & see how much of a job it would be to self install, get an idea about gaskets etc beyond the glass.
What is door access like? (for a potential teardown) what is visible?

If no joy, what are you willing to pay for an ebay junker & cannibalise?
I have had numerous panasonic combi dimension 4 micro / grill / oven units over the decades, no problem with the glass, (door plastic cracking yes) even our latest unit is now 10 years old & of heavy use.

IF no success, & it is standard oven glass, then a replacement piece with a bit of cash to a glazier / glass cutters workshop should get you going again.

Did you see this video at all?

Thanks for the suggestions! That disassembly video is very helpful. I did look on eBay for a parts oven, but with shipping, it would be almost as much as a new oven since it’s so heavy.

No problem, the video has been doing the rounds a good while now, so a useful resource potentially.

As this is not a microwave I anticipate the oven glass is nothing special whatsoever (ie it does not form one side of what is effectively a faraday cage, so as long as it can take the temp (such as pyrex glass is borosilicate) then your fix, bar any degraded gaskets may be easier than you anticipate.

Think along the lines of fire stove glass (same thing as pyrex ovenware glass) & go from there, nb, a liquid gasket seal may be worth investigating as to food compatibility, you never know (concerns about offgassing etc) but this should be sorted via a poke around a product data sheet.