Gasket deteriorated on bottom of oven

The gasket on the bottom of my oven is deteriorated. Has anyone experienced this issue?

When I last cleaned the oven, I noticed this gasket & the fact that the center circle gets real hot. I was wondering how long it will last.

How long did you have your oven? I got mine in Dec.'21 so it’s still new. Wonder if it one of those designs that wear out right after the 2 year warranty.

Let us know what Anova does if you are still in warranty. Thanks.

I’m sure it’s just the angle, but your photo looks like a schmutz buildup on top of the gasket that has cracked and broken off. My gasket looks like the dark bit underneath that cracked bit.

No. It’s perfectly clean. It seems to be disintegrated and separated from whatever it was bonded to o.

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Please email and we can have a tech support agent assist you 1 on 1!

I am currently in process with a Anova representative who is resolving my issue.

Please take the time, after, to tell us how it went, what the cause and remedy were… thanks :slight_smile:

The Anova representative is replacing the oven for me.

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Wow, pretty good response from support. Shipping that size oven is not trivial. Hope this is an outlier failure.

The support I received from Anova was absolutely incredible. The replacement oven was received today.


That area needs continual cleaning due to water and debris gathering there… I also hope that this was a rare failure. If using oven cleaner to remove buildup, it’s hard to not get some in that area…