Changing APO Lamp and Found Gasket Rubber Seal Disintegrating

After one year of very satisfying usage, the bulb just burnt out and I tried taking down the lamp cover to replace the bulb. However, once the 4 screws are loosened, I found broken pieces of rubber-like plastic came down with the lamp bracket. Seems like the rubber is not holding up after a year of using.

Is there anywhere I can purchase a replacement of this rubber piece?

A note to APO users. My oven is 230VAC, hence the bulb should be 230V 25W rather than 120VAC 25W as shown in the user manual! I read the rating off the blown bulb hence this is very correct.


Please contact Anova Support for replacement parts.

Hi, I had the same issue. Anova replaced the oven.

There is a thread about it.

The difficulty is resealing the frame against the oven lining - imho it can’t be done thus allowing steam to enter the area where the electronics sit.

Have just contacted ANOVA Support via email. Let’s see how they can assist. I certainly don’t need a new oven. A replacement part and I can become the repairman. I’ll keep this thread updated as I’m sure this failing rubber gasket may not be a unique experience as the oven ages.

If you can’t get a replacement gasket, you may be able to make your own with Permatex RTV silicone gasket maker. It’s high temp (500F) and oil and fluid resistant for auto use.

Have contacted support but haven’t heard a thing from them yet…

Tried this, the 650F gasket material remained soft and flowed due to gravity.

To be 100% safe, the oven has to be replaced every time the bulb blows - but it’s not really realistic to do that.

Sorry to hear that. There is also a hardening gasket material but that would probably be a one time repair. Replacing the whole oven seems crazy. Oh well…

It’s insane! But Anova did it.

It’s been a month since I first contacted ANOVA Support and still have not heard anything from them!! I mean, I do not need an oven replacement, just a simple rubber gasket that they can easily obtain from production line. I’m even willing to pay for all that trouble and yet they just don’t seem to care how we can fix their product solely due to inappropriate design/material… The oven itself is perfect, but ANOVA customer service just not living up to it.

The problem with being the repairman is the responsibility you’re taking on.

The problem isn’t so much the gasket as the 4 screws that self-tap into wafer thin material and so pretty much single-use.Shockingly bad design.

A re-seal will never be achieved so the question is what damage does steam ingress do. There is a brilliant strip-down of the oven on Youtube and from that you can see the electronics are not sealed; so that combined with the presence of the seal means steam should never enter the workings of the oven.

If you repair this yourself, you assume liability and void your warranty.

People will say they’ve successfully replaced the bulb and perhaps they have but perhaps not realised the implication of doing so and whilst the bulb lights up, the oven is terminally compromised.

Then what should we do once the bulb is out?

I’d speak to Anova - ask them if the seal is not made perfectly whether steam entering the bulb cavity and other electronics is dangerous.

I don’t think many electricians would say steam on unprotected electronics is safe.

Same here in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Bulb gave up on me a couple of months ago. Today I decided it was time to replace it. The gasket is totally disintegrated. Sent a message to ANOVA about it. Hope they come up with a solution. The oven was purchased in november 2021.

Update: Contacted ANOVA and they are sending a new oven. I hope the new one has a sturdier light in it!
Customer service was fast and decisive. Great service.