The glass covering the bulb, just cracked making this oven not usable

The glass covering the bulb just cracked at the end of the descale process. Not sure what is the solution now to get me back to using this machine.

Please contact Anova support

Not nice, but why does this makes the oven unusable? It has no function.

The glass frame you can replace in 2 Minutes, just ask Anova to send you one. Just 4 screws - that you need to open anyway when you replace the the G9 bulb (which will die eventually).

What i meant was that till support can send me the glass it cannot be used as the steam will short circuit due to open electric fitting. Still waiting to hear back from support

Already reached out

Water vapor is not conductive (unless you use salt water or some type of contaminated water) and will not short anything. Contact corrosion might be a worry though.

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