Buzzing noise from head unit

Hello, my wife purchased an Anova for me for xmas and I have used it twice so far and there is a very audible buzzing noise coming from inside the head unit, it sounds as if there is a fan and it is rubbing, I gave it a little tap and the sound changed somewhat for the better but is still there on the second cook, I squeezed the plastic head unit wiyh my hand and the sound changes so its telling me something is rubbing inside,
what to do? this was purchased direct from Anova online just before xmas 2017

The only moving parts are the rotating impeller shaft and the impeller itself. Have you removed the plastic cap and checked clearance within the sleeve? I’d also remove the skirt and check that there is nothing obstructing anywhere.

Then, I’d suggest you contact support and they’ll help you.

Thanks for the suggestions but Its not coming from the impeller end, ive tried running it with the cover off, impeller is quiet, it is coming from the drive end for sure, maybe a cooling fan or the motor itself

also noticed tonight that if I push lightly on the touch control pad area when its running the noise gets a whole lot worse.
so there is some moving part in the top end as well, I believe its a cooling fan,
I have contacted support and just waiting on their reply

Hmm that’s a new one. Sometimes the sound can be from the impeller, but it sounds like it’s coming from the head of the unit. Reach out to so they can troubleshoot this issue for you!

Thanks I emailed them a few days ago, still waiting on a reply

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I am having the exact same issue. Did support get back to you? Curious to hear what it is and how to rectify.

Call support and request a replacement
do not email them, they are terrible at replies,
Apparently they are overwhelmed with emails,
I just received a new replacement one yesterday

Will do. Thanks for the info!

Hello i have the same issue.
i can’t find the contact number.
can you let me know what number you called?

Ast the bottom of the page

I’ll drop this just in case:

This is a design problem with clearance between the small electronics cooling fan and the multiple stacked PCB’s in the head unit. Originally, I thought one of the two flex cables (one for the wheel and one for the heater/motor/sensors) was touching the fan, but after making sure that wasn’t the case, I realized it was the actual WiFi PCB touching the fan blades, not wires or flex cables. The fix is to put a thin shim on the bottom edge of the WiFi PCB so that it can’t bump into the fan blades - or just RMA with Anova, since this is a legit design problem and they should own the fix.

To get into the head electronics, you do not disassemble the lower portion of the device - you access 4 small screws hiding underneath the black plastic display lens that is just held on with adhesive. Once you gently pry that off, you can see the screws. Once those are removed, you can see the cooling fan and the control electronics.

Here’s a question for Anova… Where’s you’re FCC ID information? This device has 2 radios in it and is subject to part 16 requirements for the FCC certification, and it means you should have an FCC ID printed on the device somewhere. And yet I don’t see it. Tsk, tsk…

Fair question. For the FCC certification information, please reach out to and we’ll get you any info you need.

Hey I have just brought a new one of these and have the same problem, did you get your unit fixed?

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