Cannot connect BT Anova Pecision Cooker on BT

My iPhone 6+ running 8.1.2 cannot find my cooker on BT?

Please tell me the name of the App I see no Anova App on the App Store

@drsugarman Thanks for checking in, you actually won’t be able to pair your device with your iPhone without the app. The iOS app is being submitted to the app store this week and we anticipate it being approved within 7-10 days based on Apple’s typical turnaround. We’ll be sending a notification when the app is available for download.

So can you confirm whether the app was submitted this week? It is very frustrating that you guys seem to keep announcing deadlines that you then always blow past.

I am also interested in the answer to the question above. Did you submit the app?

@nycaussie‌ @maltepost‌ Yes ! App has been submitted and we are so excited for our customers to get started with it :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping for a quick turn-around on Apple’s review process. In the meantime, I’m enjoying my precision cooker the old fashioned way.

Hey there, what is the name of the app? I can’t seem to find it still on the App Store.

@nycaussie Thanks for checking in, we submitted the app to Apple on 1/20 and it is currently in review. We’re hoping for its approval and release any day now and will post updates on our Help Desk: