Don’t recive notification when “Food ready”


I ´m using a Anova precision cooker and iPhone X with iOS 13.1.2 and Anova App ver 3.1.1 and I don’t recive notification on my iPhone when food is ready.
The Anova precision is well connected to my WiFi at home and when it is cooking changes from “cooking” to “keeping warm” but my iPhone don’t recive any notification.
It doesn’t matter if the iPhone is at home connected to the same WiFi or is outside connected to any other WiFi net o connected to 4G.
The notifications are activated in general settings in iOS for Anova App on my iPhone.
It is second time that I report this issue and Anova team changed App ver from 3.0.0 but now on 3.1.1 is still the same issue.
Does anyone have same issue like me ?

No, and i don’t need it or want it.

I know the length of time of every cook so the Anova app is redundant.

Consider taking personal control of your APC instead of letting Anova’s apps unfavourably impact your probable life span.