Chicken Broth Question

I have a soup recipe that calls for four 14 1/2 ounce cans of chicken broth. I use Wegmans chicken broth in a container because it is low in sodium, and I have high blood pressure.

One container of Wegmans chicken broth is four servings. How many containers of this should I use in my soup?

If it is this size I would use 1 can.

George, when in doubt always follow your recipe.

If the Wegman’s container is 48 ozs. it approximates the contents of 4 x 14.5 oz. cans.

48 ozs. to 59 ozs. respectively.
If you rinse the 48 oz. container, that’s close enough for soup.

For enhanced flavour and nutrition consider making your own traditional stock from chicken bones and scraps, SV to Pasteurize, and store frozen. If you are strictly following a reduced sodium diet omit celery in the stock.

So the Wegmans containers hold 32 fluid ounces (1 quart) the cans a 14.5 oz in weight. It really amazes me why they aren’t consistent. I have found that there is about 2 cups (fluid) in the 14.5 oz can. So 4 cans would equal two 32 fl oz containers.

Im in Canada and dont have Wegmans but whatever you do, you need 1/2 gallon (58 ounces) of broth.