Christmas dinner downunder

Quite a warm day here yesterday, so quite happy to have chosen something weather appropriate for Christmas dinner. Pan seared venison with a blueberry salad.

A lovely venison backstrap was cleaned of all accessible membrane and sinew before being cut in half and glued together with glutaminase RM, wrapped in cling wrap, formed into a nice even roll and rested in the fridge overnight.

The roll was then cooked sous vide for 3-4 hours at 54C before being taken out and dried off. (I think next time I’ll go for 52C for 2-3 hrs.) It was then brushed with egg white and rolled in a mix of rosemary, juniper berry, green peppercorns and a little salt before being seared off in a cast iron skillet with a little ghee.

To serve, I cut it into generous medallions and plated alongside a salad of spinach, barley, onion, orange, cherry tomatoes, fresh blueberries and blueberry puree (with a dash of vodka) spheres which was dressed with a blueberry vinaigrette.

Happy Feastivus everyone!!

It looks delicious.