Clamp broken - ideas to hold unit in place?

Still holding together but probably not for long - very brittle plastic.

I don’t think they sell replacement parts or offer warranty outside of US so I need to come up with an alternative. 

I’m sure this has happened to plenty of others so does anyone have any ideas to hold it in place? I use a stock pot to SV in.

Ping us at - we’ll send you a new one wherever you are. :slight_smile:

I’ll be pinging for one too!

I have contacted Anova Culinary about a replacement clamp but, I needed a fix right now because I have 7 pounds of Boston Butt roast vacuum packed and ready to go. Based on the broken clamp, the pressure form the clamp to the side of the container and clamping the cooker barrel in place add up to a force larger than the current design/material can adequately support without failing. This simple fix is a permanent fix to the issue. A single stainless steel clamp and quick setting JB Weld epoxy will resist all the loading one could comfortably apply to container and cooker barrel. If you need additional information, let me know. Just found out I can only attach one photo. Let me know if you need additional information and I will see if a document file attachment will work.

I got caught with a broken clamp in the middle of cooking as well. Here’s my quick fix:

  1. Hang a cup hook under your kitchen cabinet. (I happened to have one in place.

  2. Use your broken clamp to hold your anova in place (horizontally, to keep it from rocking).

  3. Tie your cooker to the hook. Tie it tight enough to suspend it at the proper level. I used a tiny bungee cord that I had on for this…I’m sure any kind of cord would work.

I’ve requested my replacement clamp. I’ll let you know if it arrives.

Hi Bill,
Where can we find the replacement clamp for the unit

I just submitted my 2nd request for a replacement clamp - are there any replacement still available??

Something like this works well:

This is the setup I use. No clamp needed.

IF you have a 3D printer:

Bracket Replacement for Anova Precision Cooker

Anova Sous Vide Adjustable Mounting Bracket

Lots of other Anova printable items